Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Necessary tools: Sandwich Press

I recently bought a grill/sandwich press, and I don't know how I survived four decades without one. Ordinarily, I would say simplify, simplify your kitchen. Give away your gadgets and sweep out specialized equipment. But "necessary" tools save time. To become "necessary," an object must be used almost daily.

The beauty of the sandwich press is that it converts what would have been limp leftovers into gourmet food.

Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, is also a fan of the sandwich press, and uses it to make signature sarnis.

A few days ago, I used the grill to quickly cook boneless spare ribs. The following day, I thinly sliced the pork and layered it with ham and cheese to make a freshly pressed Cuban. For another day, I used the Cuisinart to make pancakes, bacon, and eggs for a "breakfast for dinner" meal.

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  1. Yeah, you're truly missing a lot by not having a sandwich press. It is such a convenience to make your crisp bread hot meal in a very quick timeframe. And the good thing is, you can experiment and never repeat a single recipe! Well, except, of course, your favorite. ;) Lesia@National Kitchen Equipment